Lakeland Terrier Colours Explained

Lakeland terrier standing

Fans of the Lakeland Terrier will know that these small yet mighty dogs are great companions and are a beautiful example of a working English terrier breed.  They are typically black and tan in colour, but the Kennel Club in the UK permits several colour variations for the breed, all of which you might find … Read more

The Ultimate Lakeland Terrier Guide

Lakeland Terrier

Height: 36.8 to 39.4 cm Weight: 6.8 to 7.7 kg Lifespan: 12-15 years Temperament: Curious, intelligent and playful Pedigree Breed? Yes Colours: Black, Wheaten, Red, and Grizzle Hair Type: Harsh double coat Most Suited to: Families experienced with terriers Pros: Negatives: Lakeland Terriers are captivating dogs with lively and animated personalities. With their distinctive appearance … Read more

Patterdale cross Lakeland

Patterdale terrier and Lakeland Terrier

A Patterdale Lakeland Cross, also known as a Patterland Terrier, is – you guessed it, a cross between a Patterdale Terrier and a Lakeland Terrier!  As expected, the resulting Patterland has all the expected features of the Terrier family; extremely fast, with high energy levels, a tendency to chase anything that moves and a stubborn … Read more