Patterdale Terrier behaviour problems

Patterdale Terrier behaviour problems

Patterdale Terriers are brilliant dogs to own, as long as you fully understand their traits and how to care for them. Unfortunately, many owners fail to read up on their breed, leading to a number of common Patterdale Terrier behaviour problems.  To solve this issue, I’ve put together a guide on the most common behavioural … Read more

How much are Patterdale Terriers?

Patterdale terrier dogs looking at window

Are you looking to buy your own Patterdale? Maybe you fell in love at first sight, but now you find yourself wondering just how much are Patterdale Terriers? Well, look no further! I’ve put together a guide on buying your very own Patterdale, including how much you can expect a puppy to set you back. … Read more

Patterdale cross Lakeland

Patterdale terrier and Lakeland Terrier

A Patterdale Lakeland Cross, also known as a Patterland Terrier, is – you guessed it, a cross between a Patterdale Terrier and a Lakeland Terrier!  As expected, the resulting Patterland has all the expected features of the Terrier family; extremely fast, with high energy levels, a tendency to chase anything that moves and a stubborn … Read more