Common Lakeland Terrier Crossbreeds And What You Should Know About Them 

The Lakeland Terrier is a spirited and energetic small dog breed originally from the Lake District, and it’s been a popular pet for hundreds of years. This feisty terrier was originally bred to hunt and go after foxes and vermin. 

Today, the Lakeland Terrier makes for a devoted companion and family dog and is still used for pest control in some parts of the country. 

Like many popular purebred dogs, the Lakeland Terrier has been crossed with other breeds to produce some adorable and lively designer mixes. If you love Lakeland Terriers and are thinking of adding to your pack, why not consider a crossbreed? These are some of the popular options out there at the moment.

Border Lakeland: Lakeland Terrier/ Border Terrier Cross

Crossing a Lakeland Terrier with a Border Terrier results in a smart, energetic pup. The Border Lakeland Terrier, as this cross is sometimes called, will be an alert and lively dog that enjoys playtime and brisk walks. This crossbreed combines the pluckiness of the Lakeland with the affectionate nature of the Border Terrier.

Both parent breeds are working terriers, so a Lakeland Border Terrier mix will need plenty of stimulation and activity to stay happy and healthy. Potential owners should be prepared to provide this cross with lots of interactive toys, challenging games, and opportunities to dig and run. Early socialisation and training are musts to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy throughout the rest of its life. 

Lakeland Patterdale: Lakeland Terrier/ Patterdale Terrier Cross

The Patterdale/ Lakeland Terrier mix brings together two energetic hunting terriers. These small dogs are bursting with spunk and personality. A Lakeland Patterdale will likely be a natural hunter with a strong prey drive.

These crosses have an independent streak common in terriers. Training is essential to teach these dogs proper manners and curb any unwanted behaviours. Lakeland Patterdale Terrier mixes thrive when they have an active family that can provide them with vigorous exercise and mental stimulation.

lakeland/ patterdale cross on grass
Lakeland/ Patterdale Terrier Cross

Lakeland Doodle: Lakeland Terrier/ Poodle Cross

For those seeking a lower-shedding Lakeland Terrier mix, crossing with a Poodle is an excellent option. The smart and energetic Lakeland Poo will have a curly, hypoallergenic coat that needs regular brushing and clipping.

This cross tends to be highly intelligent and eager to please. Lakeland Poo mixes are often more obedient and biddable than purebred Lakelands. But these hybrids are still energetic and wilful at times. Lakeland Poodle mixes need daily exercise and training. Games and canine sports are ideal outlets for their enthusiasm and agility.

Lakeland Schnauzer: Lakeland Terrier/ Schnauzer Cross

The Lakeland Terrier Schnauzer mix brings together two spirited and alert breeds. Lakelands and Schnauzers are both working terriers with plenty of spunk and energy. The Lakeland Schnauzer cross will likely have a weather-resistant wiry coat and a beard and eyebrows reminiscent of the Schnauzer.

These hybrids need an experienced owner who can provide consistent training, boundaries, exercise, and mental stimulation. Left untrained, Lakeland Schnauzer mixes may develop problematic behaviours like excessive barking, digging, and aggression towards other dogs. But with proper care, these crosses make devoted companions.

Buying A Lakeland Cross: Key Considerations 

When crossing any breed of dog, it’s important to remember that you can’t guarantee any specific traits. There are always chances that you won’t get exactly what you want, so you have to be prepared for a unique pup. 

Still, when the lively Lakeland Terrier has been crossed with several other purebreds, it has been known to create some delightful and energetic hybrids.

From the perky Lakeland Border Terrier mix to the intelligent Lakeland Poodle cross, these crossbreeds make excellent canine companions for active owners. With proper training, care, and exercise, Lakeland Terrier mixes can thrive in the right homes.

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